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ATSKO stands for mild cleaning, effective moisture protection and high-performance impregnation for shoes, clothing and outdoor accessories, which keep functionality and increase durability.
The cleaning and care products from US manufacturer ATSKO not only work reliably and thoroughly, the company has also been fully committed to sustainability for almost 90 years thanks to their natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.
ATSKO is known for three brands in particular: "Sno-Seal Bees Wax" is used to care for and protect leather shoes and leather products and is based on natural beeswax. "Silicone Water-Guard"-spray protects functional textiles and equipment from moisture as well as wear and is breathable. Since 1982, "Sport-Wash" has become the leading detergent for high-performance sportswear and functional clothing.
All ATSKO products are also available in practical travel sizes.
Quelle: Atsko
SILICONE WATER-GUARD provides maximum water and stain protection after only one application. The treated material stays soft and breathable, with its life span significantly extended. The spray contains cross-linked polymers and is CFC-free. For all functional textiles, suede and smooth leather. Recommended by the leading membrane manufacturers. RRP: 148 ml: € 7 / Aailable: immediately
Selling Points:
  • Fabric remains soft and breathable
  • CFC-free
  • Maximum water and stain protection
Quelle: Atsko
SNO SEAL BEES WAX makes all soft leathers waterproof, extremely resistant and durable. The pure bees wax does not limit the breathability of the material and therefore is the perfect choice for leather shoes with membrane. The leather can regenerate and stays soft and smooth even at low temperatures. RRP: 200 g: € 13 /  Available: immediately
Selling Points
  • Makes smooth leather waterproof
  • Durable and long lasting
  • No restriction of breathability
Quelle: Atsko
SPORT-WASH cleans all washable fabrics thoroughly without leaving any residue. The coconut-based detergent gently removes stains. In the process, SPORT-WASH uses no bleaching agents or fragrances and is particularly mild and suitable for sensitive skin. For cotton and wool as well as functional textiles and membranes. Available in travel size. RRP: 532 ml: € 13 /  Available: immediately
Selling Points:
  • Without bleaching agents and fragrances
  • Suitable for cotton, wool and functional textiles
  • Particularly mild
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